looked so grand
As we pushed back from the shore
To seek our fortune, to find more

But now
We’ve been adrift so long
We still can’t see the other side
We are becalmed by misplaced pride


We have had sunshine
And we have had rain
Felt the passage of time
We’ve been bowed by the strain
And the hope that a breath of fair wind did bestow
Disappeared when we saw how the currents did flow

I cast
My heart across the sea
Though it is bruised and it is torn
By the worries that it’s borne

It’s all
That I have left
To hope you’ll find the offered line
That you will take it in good time


I want you happy
And I want you safe
It is all that I ask back
For all that I gave

And your silence it wounds
More than any words could
Your omission aren’t lies
But they still poison the good

I wish you strength
And I wish you belief
I wish you faith in the person
I know you to be

For myself, I just pray
For the patience, the grace
To let you find your way
To trust you’ll find your place


Words and music © 2016 Siu-ling Han