I fear all the troubles you’re carrying
The weight of others, all their pain and their suffering
And all of the tears that you’ve had to dry
Afraid of drowning, cause there’s so many more to cry
The heat of the anger you’ve had to bear
Has left you scars that you are strong enough not to wear
And all of the demons you’ve had to flee
They’re all the people you decided you would not be


I know that you’ve been worn down
And that you felt there’s nowhere safe that-you-could-go
And though you have been torn down
You got back up where you found the strength I don’t know

You fought things that I never have seen
You held onto hope in the face of great doubt
You’ll always be a hero to me
You make no excuses take no easy outs

There’s so many mountains you’ve had to climb
The air is thinner, but the view must be quite sublime
Yet I fear one day you might simply tire
Afraid to lose you to a lifetime of getting higher…


Words and music © 2016 Siu-ling Han