How Long

She’s wandering around the house

Still stepping round the places

where the furniture’s taken out
She shuffles around her clothes
Just trying to fill the spaces
So her half takes up the whole


How long

Will you be the one who was left behind?
How long
Will you let that be how you are defined?

How long? How long… is enough?

Are you the sum of the things you’ve got
Or do you let the things you long for
Bring the things you have to naught?
Do you take joy from the love that’s here
Or put it off for the love you’re wanting……?


You’ve got a story of things gone wrong
Of all the disappointments
From what others left undone
So you wait for the life you’re owed…
…but what do you do in the meantime?

How long, will you leave your joy out for someone else?
How long, before you choose to bring it in by yourself?
How long, how long… is enough?

Word and music © 2016 Siu-ling Han