It Seems

It seems you have seen too many years
In which you’ve lost more than you’ve gained
It seems you have seen too many fears
That have been realised and retained


Your deepest pain comes from a wound you cannot find
Your greatest battle is without a war
Your heaviest burdens are the ones that you should have left behind
The walls you’ve battered down have all had doors

You have been betrayed too many times
By the judas in your soul
Your truest self is the one that is hardest to find
‘cos that’s the one you haven’t given a role


You put on an armour but you find that it smothers you
You carry a shield but it weighs you down
You’re turning your back on all the things you said you love the most
And then you wonder why they can’t be found

You could choose to spend eternity
Seeking wisdom seeking proof
But you will never find tranquility
If what you need must be so absolute


Unable to find the perfect path you never take a step
You limit your vision with the things you see
Denying that truths can still be truths and still be truths you don’t accept
Defining the world will never give you peace


Words and music © 2016 Siu-ling Han