I die again, with every poisoned breath you breathe on me
I cry again, for the promises gone
I try to escape, the disappointments you’ve bequeathed to me
I try to wash clean, but the scent lingers on

Oh mother, oh mother, you’re pulling me down
When I tried to save you, we almost both drowned
I held on so long then I lost my belief
It was drowned in a river – of anger and grief

Oh mother, oh mother, it cuts like a knife
All the ups and the downs of your turbulent life
When I was a child oh I felt so betrayed
That you let me live in the shards of the mess that you made


Oh mother oh mother I won’t play the game
Where I fight the fire, and you fan the flames
I won’t lie awake waiting for your return
Then pretend to be sleeping… so I won’t get burned

Oh mother, oh mother what else can I do
I’m not turning my back, but I cannot help you
It’s never your fault, always something to blame
The excuses may change, but the ending is always the same


Words and music © 2016 Siu-ling Han