Point of No Return

I fear no good will come of this
While there’s still time we ought to leave
Before the night reaches the point of no return

The words have not begun to slur
The laughter has not turned to tears
Can we be gone before the shouting comes to blows?

The wild times we thought were given license by our youth
But ten years on we find a harsher light shines on a darker truth
We can’t imagine what will rise, and nor to whom there may befall
A harm that cannot be reversed, through deeds that cannot be recalled

I fear no good… will come of this
I fear no good…will come of this

The passing years have not been kind, there’s less ahead and more behind
The river flows whether we float or run aground
And all the promise that we held, cupped in our hands like liquid gold
The vessel’s broken and between our fingers they all flowed


The broken dreams, the broken hearts, the broken bones, the broken starts
The damage done, no matter who or what’s to blame….
And one last night, blights one more day
And one more chance has blown away


Words and music © 2016 Siu-ling Han