Standing by a Streetlight

Standing by a streetlight, wishing you’d stayed home tonight
Climb into a taxi, wondering if he’s left a light
Will the babies waken, when you stumble through the door?
Does it matter if they don’t call for you anymore?


No one says a word as you get ready to go out
See him trying to hold his trust, and hold back all his doubt
Walking past the dishes you’ve let pile up in the sink
Running to forget them in a dance and in a drink


You tell yourself that you’re just being free
It’s justified by being what you need
You stoke your anger, to burn away the guilt
And hope the heat will dry the love you’ve spilled

Catch up on a life you missed because you stayed at home
In these crowded places trying not to be alone
Hang your clothes outside, the cold won’t take away the smell
Of cigarettes and alcohol, and all the things that you won’t tell

Will the babies waken when you stumble through the door?
Is it better if they don’t call for you anymore….?


Words and music © 2016 Siu-ling Han