Summer Days

Oh, those summer days,
the mornings so cool
We’d leave with our windbreakers on

and-be in t-shirts by noon

My handlebar basket was big-enough to
hold all our supplies
A sandwich, some fruit, and a thermos to drink
and some sweet surprise


Side-by-side, my brother and me
We would ride, our bikes set us free
Down to where
the pavement ends
That’s where our
adventures began

Oh we’d leave the house and promise to mom
That we’d be home by four
All day with no messages, kids just can’t
Do that no more

Endless country roads
were there just for us
Pull aside, turn your head when-a-half-ton-goes-by
Spitting gravel and dust


Past the farms where-you-knew-you-would-be
Chased by loose dogs
Pedal hard with your heart in the your throat and you’ll
Never get caught

That feeling of cool in-the-shade-of-some
Old laneway trees,
Play at being a water witch, with a forked stick
Imagination/Let your mind run so free



Words and music © 2016 Siu-ling Han