The Days You Have

You could go a thousand miles
Or you could stay at home
You could find the one you love
And still (Be better off/find yourself) alone


Don’t wish away the days you have
For days that might not come
Don’t wish away the ones you love
Because they might not be the one

Lalala lalalalala la

You could spend a thousand years
Counting what you’ve lost
All the blame and all the tears
Tomorrow pays the cost


You could find a thousand flaws
Or there might just be one
Makes excuses, name a cause
(but in the end)
It’s either finished or undone

You could count a thousand stars
But you need just one wish
To come true, to fill your heart
(and then you’ll find)
That what you have has made you rich


Words and music © 2016 Siu-ling Han