OTTAWA, Ontario (August 20, 2016) – Today the world will hear for the first time the astonishingly beautiful songs of a reticent musician from a small Arctic community which have come to light after years of incubation.

To Those Who Would Show Kindness, is a deeply raw and personal album that explores love, pain, disappointment, friendship and most of all, the simple joy of living in the present. Set in the stark yet beautiful landscape of the Canadian Arctic, Siu Ling’s songs echo the darkness and light of the human condition and what it means to be alive. 

A wry observer of human nature, Siu Ling quietly wrote songs as a means of exploring and relating to the world around her. A biologist by day, very few people — including family and friends — were aware of Siu Ling’s talent. 

When re-diagnosed with cancer, Siu Ling reluctantly heeded the call of a close musician friend, who insisted that these songs be shared outside of her living room, and recorded rough tracks in Iqaluit. When Siu Ling’s health suddenly took a turn for the worse, the community came together and used these rough cuts to produce an album.

“This album would never have happened if it weren’t for the enthusiasm and love of close friends who finally convinced me that my scribbles were in fact songs,” said Siu-ling. “Although my time is now measured in weeks, this has been a beautiful experience and a culmination of the love and connections that our community shares.”

The album is available for download or to purchase as a CD at:

All proceeds of the sales will go towards mental health initiatives for Nunavut youth.


Media Contact:
Emily Woods