The Story

The astonishingly beautiful songs of a reticent  musician from a small Arctic community have come to light after years of incubation. A wry observer of human nature, Siu-ling quietly wrote songs as a means of exploring and relating to the world around her. A biologist with Environment Canada by day, very few people — including family and friends — were aware of Siu-ling’s talent. When re-diagnosed with cancer, Siu-ling reluctantly heeded the call of a close musician friend, who insisted that these songs be shared outside of her living room, and recorded rough tracks in Iqaluit. When Siu-ling’s health suddenly took a turn for the worse, the community came together, and used these rough cuts to produce an album.

The result, To Those Who Would Show Kindness, is a deeply raw and personal album that explores love, pain, disappointment, friendship and most of all, the simple joy of living in the present. Set in the stark yet beautiful landscape of the Canadian Arctic, Siu-ling’s songs echo the darkness and light of the human condition and what it means to be alive.

As per Siu-Ling’s wishes, all proceeds from this album is being donated to projects in support of mental health initiatives for Nunavut youth.

Deeply felt thanks goes to the musicians and engineers who donated their time and talent to this dream: Robert Aubé, Gina Burgess, Chris Coleman, Timothy Han, Pierre Lecomte, Jeff Maurice, Nancy Mike, Steve Rigby, Jamal Shirley, Nyles Wiszcyk, and Emily Woods.


Siu-ling loves playing with words and started scribbling in notebooks as a way of observing the world around her before finally putting words to music. Writing has  always been a personal outlet to explore the daily rhythms and connections in her life. Besides a year of piano lessons as a child, Siu-ling is essentially self-taught, inspired by an eclectic range of musicians, from Beethoven to Jane Siberry to The Cure. A wildlife biologist by day, Siu-ling’s deep reverence of nature in woven through each of her songs.

It never occurred to Siu-ling, nor did she feel compelled, to share her deeply private songs in a public setting. To Those Who Would Show Kindness is a musical legacy inspired by the passion of Siu-ling’s friends who saw a rare talent that needed to be shared.